About me


I’m Hazel and I’m a writer. I mostly write picture book texts for children up to the age of 7.

I live in the North West of England with my husband, two small children, cat and two tortoises.

I’m a Gen X flavoured Millennial with an analogue childhood and digital adulthood. I think they call us Xennials.

My background is in project management and event planning, and currently I’m working in public engagement and comms. Above all else, I love to write. When I’m not writing, I’m usually editing, researching, reading… well, if you’re a writer too you know the drill. I also spend a lot of time staring into space and thinking up new story ideas. I am an unashamed fan of toilet humour but also like wordplay, relatable stories and anything silly or spooky.

I’ve been writing for fun for a long time but it’s only comparatively recently that I turned to writing children’s literature. I love picture books in particular because of the challenge of writing a compelling narrative in so few words. Plus, with being the parent of two story-hungry younglings, I own more picture books than I can count.

I’m yet to be published, but hopefully that will change. In March 2022 I found my agent, Rachel, and I feel like I’m in very safe and capable hands.

Getting an agent was hard. You can be a great writer and pitcher but you need to be submitting exactly what they are looking for at exactly the right time. I feel very lucky and proud that I reached that particular goal.

Thankfully, I’m ridiculously persistent when it comes to things I love, because there aren’t many. Although crochet, rock music and the Back to the Future trilogy are up there too.

I decided to set up this blog to connect with other children’s writers and well, to write. I’m also a member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators which has proven to be a valuable resource.

Use Twitter? Follow me at @hazel. Yes, I’m old enough to have my first name as my Twitter handle which is both a blessing and a curse.