Bill and Ted the cats

I am 28 and live in South Manchester with my boyfriend, my three tortoises and my two cats, Bill and Ted. I’m originally from Kirkham, a small town near Preston in Lancashire.

I work part time on a research project at The University of Manchester and the rest of my time is spent on freelance website design work.
I am a bit obsessed with the Back to the Future trilogy and 90s alternative rock music, and am still coming to terms with the fact I’ve finished book five of the A Song of Ice and Fire series. I love words and their etymologies.

I studied at The University of Manchester for 4 years, doing a BA (Hons) and an MA in Linguistics, specialising in experimental and forensic phonetics. Since university, I’ve studied other subjects such as digital photography and also went back to college to freshen up my web design knowledge. I also used to work in IT, in project support, project quality assurance and project management.

I like a nice beer and a nice Italian red wine, and I’m a vegetarian who would die without cheese. I run a club night every 3 months or so, called Rusty Cage, and we give our profits to local charities. I also like to write murder mysteries with my friend Emma which we host for groups of people.

I keep myself very busy with lots of things, but I think secretly I’d just rather be at home with my cats watching Firefly.