Are unicorns over?

Unicorns – they’ve been everywhere for what feels like forever. But has the trend passed?

My instincts say yes and no.

Any look around a shop will tell you that unicorns are still very much on trend. But of course, any book being written now would only potentially be released in maybe a couple of years.

I read something recently on Instagram by the Scholastic UK picture books team about this very subject. When posting about their new release Unicorns Don’t Love Rainbows (Emma Adams/Mike Byrne) they argue that unicorns have become a permanent favourite, rather than a trend, and I’m inclined to agree.

However, I do also think that if you’re going to write a picture book about unicorns, nowadays it really, really has to have a unique take in order for it to stand out.

Why am I thinking about unicorns? Well, after a short drought, I’ve had an idea, perhaps two ideas, that I’d like to write up.

I believe they are unique and fun, so we’ll see.

(Tragically, the word ‘poonicorn’ is already taken, so there goes my third idea.)