Big Bloggy Bat Bums: It’s open season

Today is the final day for submissions to Scholastic’s illustrated books ‘open season’.

Open season is an exciting opportunity for un-agented picture book writers and illustrators to submit their work directly to a large publisher. Most publishers are usually closed to unsolicited submissions and acquire new publications via literary agents.

I’ve really loved the openness and friendliness of the Scholastic illustrated books team on Instagram and the fact they are giving us this opportunity.

I submitted three manuscripts to them:

  1. The Biggest Baboon
  2. Ratbag
  3. Jamingo

I’d rather not discuss plot details here but I will say that I was pleased with these stories. Plus, one of them allowed me to use the phrase ‘big blobby bat bums’, so I will forever be thankful.

In their auto-reply, the team say that there will be two further open seasons this year.