I love Autumn

It’s August.

For me, September is definitely the beginning of Halloween season, and so that makes August ‘pre-Halloween’. It does, you’re just going to have to trust me on that.

If you want more evidence, simply step into your local TK Maxx or Homesense and behold the orange and black displays of pretties that you Definitely Don’t Need (but want). I’ve been four times already.

I loathe Summer. I try hard to be mindful and embrace what each season has to offer. I do enjoy a cold beer on a sunny evening, a paddle in the sea and being able to be outside a bit more. But after a while, everything is so bright and relentlessly hot. Does anyone actually enjoy sweating? No. I also like to be able to sleep, which is impossible in a heatwave.

People in other countries laugh at us here for not being able to cope in the heat. But listen – WE DON’T HAVE AIR CON!

So naturally, by August I am craving cooler weather.

And what’s not to love about Autumn?

The cosy dark nights, the gorgeous bright and burnt colour palette of nature, knitwear…and of course, Halloween.

I am a spooky girl who loves spooky things. I can’t stop buying things with skeletons and pumpkins on, it’s just who I am.

In Autumn, I can feel myself coming back to life. It’s like my energy levels increase and my mood noticeably lifts. It’s my time.

Bring on conkers (which I still collect with wild abandon), cinnamon scented Zoflora and filling my house with more pumpkins than I can physically carve.