‘Maybe’ by Chris Haughton

‘Maybe’ is a recent release by author-illustrator Chris Haughton, published by Walker Books.

The story centres around three little monkeys who convince themselves that ‘maybe…’ – in spite of sensible warnings from their parent – it’ll be fine to go and get those juicy, tempting looking mangoes. Definitely no tigers lurking here!

The three playful monkey children test boundaries and learn the valuable lesson that their poor, long-suffering parent monkey isn’t just giving them arbitrary orders for sh*ts and giggles.

The book has a bold and bright colour palette which is instantly appealing. Along with the charming and quirky illustrations, this is a title that really pops off the shelf.

I loved the premise of this book and it really is a pleasure to read. My son finds it hilarious that these monkeys are so ‘cheeky’, as he puts it, and laughs every time at the tigers peeking out in the background.

It is a simple, hugely effective idea which is executed wonderfully and is a joyful read for children and parents alike.

You can buy Maybe here.

Robin’s verdict: “Cheeky, cheeky monkeys.”

Hazel’s verdict: “My current favourite.”