‘Slug in Love’ by Rachel Bright and Nadia Shireen

I picked up this book on a whim while shopping in Sainsbury’s. I was drawn to its bright colours and the cute wide-eyed slug staring at me from the cover.

With Rachel Bright, you know you will get quality. Don’t we all want to be Rachel Bright?

However, I have to say that it’s Nadia Shireen’s gorgeous and hilarious illustrations that make this book shine.

Since reading ‘Slug in Love’, I’ve become a fangirl for Gail the Snail. Gail is a potential love interest for Doug, the slug looking for love. She has a leopard print shell and wears red cat-eye glasses. She’s sassy, knows her style and knows her mind. God, I love Gail. Seriously, buy this book just for Gail and you will have no regrets.

The story is nice enough with a sweet ending, and my 5 year old son Robin absolutely loves it.

I’m quite happy about this as its a short book and takes about a minute to read. Sometimes it’s late, you’re shattered and don’t have it in you to settle in for a full read through of Mog.

My only criticism? The story is perfectly good, but for me doesn’t, as they say, ‘sparkle’. I know if I were to submit it, I would get a big fat rejection.

The illustrations, however, bring this story to life.

Robin’s verdict: “It’s my favourite story.”

Hazel’s verdict: “Give Gail her own series.”