WriteMentor Picture Book Awards longlist

Happy Springtime!

I adore the changes of the seasons and have enjoyed seeing my garden dotted with happy yellow daffodils. The sun is out, but it’s not stinking hot. Perfect.

It’s been a while since I blogged – in February, I started a new job as a Public Engagement and Communications Officer, so I’ve been very focussed on getting to grips with that and getting stuck into the role. I have to say, I am having a remarkably good time there.

I also had some lovely news – I was longlisted in the WriteMentor Picture Book Awards with my story ‘The Fish Who Went PUFF!’

I was of course over the moon, and also very impressed with the thought and consideration that went into announcing the results. Every writer knows that waiting for news can be very stressful. We always try to manage our expectations, but of course there is hope – I mean, if there wasn’t hope, why would we be doing this? There’s usually some sort of countdown to the announcement, it’s all over Twitter and those who didn’t make it rally themselves instantaneously to suppress their disappointment and congratulate the winners. I do love that about the writing community. In an industry full of rejection, it’s so important to support and champion others. But it can be hard when you’re not seeing your own successes.

WriteMentor let us know in their excellent weekly newsletter that the results would come by email at 9am with one of two subject headers. The results would then be made public at 5pm, giving everyone time for the news to sink in. I was touched by how thoughtful this was and the efforts made to protect mental health. Lovely stuff.

The longlisting gave me a nice boost ahead of Querying Round 3, which I started a couple of weeks ago. More news on that next time…