You should be a literary agent

You should 100% become a literary agent. Yes, you. Because you like books, right?

And because I need more agents to submit to.

You know the story – I need a literary agent to get published and it’s insanely hard to get one. Not only that but there are only about 20 agents currently in the UK who are a) open to submissions, and b) accepting picture book manuscripts.

I query in roughly blocks of 10, writing to block A, allowing the rejections to trickle in, then writing to block B a few months later. Then it’s back to block A, with new manuscripts. I like to always have some sort of query in, probably because I enjoy punishing myself with form rejections. Or maybe it’s that crazy thing called hope.

Anyway, you can’t just query the same agents ad infinitum every 3 months for years without the risk of looking insane.

I can picture it:

Me: *Puts on glasses and fake moustache* Dear Agent, you’ve never heard from me before but I think you’ll love my story about poo…

Agent: Leave me alone, Hazel.

Me: *Provides elevator pitch in convincing Cockney rhyming slang*

Agent: *Blocks*

So yeah, that’s why I need YOU to become a literary agent so I can add you to my list.

Pretty please.